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Waiting on the Pacers at Magic

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Here are some links of interest:

  • Check out this week's Division Reports.
    Eastern Conference Reports
    Western Conference Reports

  • Today's Pacers Notebook touches on several intersting items. J.O.'s knee situation really spooked him (career endgin?) into resting and he's glad he did. Danny Granger's legs felt dead against the Suns, hence the 2-11. Murph's DNP-CD was indeed matchup related. O'B didn't feel Murph could defend the quick bigs Phoenix plays.

  • Hoopsworld has a nice article on Jeff Foster.
  • Love this comment from Foster.
    With O'Brien running the show in Indiana, Foster is not only more involved in the offense but he's worked his way into the starting lineup with Troy Murphy being bumped to the bench. It's probably the best move O'Brien will ever make. And now with Foster alongside O'Neal, Tinsley, Mike Dunleavy, and Danny Granger the Pacers look to creep up on some teams in the East.

    "That's our goal this year is to be active offensively and defensively," Foster said.

    "A lot of people question if we will be able to keep it up all year because it's a pretty intense system and by December and January, as we get in better shape, we're going to be tough to handle."
  • Staying at Hoopsworld, Travis Heath interviews several Pacers before and after Sunday's game against the Clippers. The players interviewed include: J.O., Dunleavy, Granger, Harrison, and Murph.

  • The latest Pacers Insider webcast with Mike Wells and Mark Montieth is up. Mike Wells offers his thoughts on the Pacers after following the team on the West Coast swing. This was taped prior to the Suns game and their comments on the lack of a killer instinct haunting the Pacers down the road was quite prescient.

  • We Rite Good took a look at the "known unknowns" for several teams around the league to find out what pre-season questions have been answered and what questions should've been asked.