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Pistons 98, Pacers 92: Pistons Define Elite For Pacers

The Pacers droped their third in a row, and second in two nights to the Detroit Pistons, 98-92. Fortunately, the Pacers are part of the mid-pack quagmire in the Eastern Conference, so they can withstand some minor bumps in the road and maintain their place in the standings. Now the Pacers have to make sure the bump doesn't become a cavernous pot hole.

Obviously, the Pacers' level of play improved from Friday night, but I'm not going to insult O'B or good basketball everywhere and consider an expected level of effort to be some type of moral victory. This is the NBA, Ws and Ls are absolute and tonight the L goes to the Pacers.

I'm packing up to head to the airport early in the morning, so I don't have time to dwell on the numbers much.

Here's the game recap.