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Waiting on the Pacers vs. Suns

Bruno's latest Caught in the Web gets right in the face of any Jermaine O'Neal criticism. He's preaching patience since any assessment of J.O.'s value in O'B's system can't be made until J.O. is healthy and actually plays some games. Well, the assessment can be made but it won't be fair.

No argument here, although waiting for a good sampling of games with a healthy J.O. is a frustrating exercise. Hopefully, we're at the start of a long stretch of games where J.O. joins his teammates in exceeding our expectations this year.

Couple of other items:

Brew Hoop has orgainzed a collection of bloggers to rank MVP and Rookie of the Year candidates so far this season. These rankings will be upaded every two weeks as the season progresses.

Positive vibes and heartfelt prayers are with Ron Artest and his family. Ronnie's four year old daughter, Diamond, is going through treatment for a cancerous tumor on her only kidney at St. Vincent's Peyton Manning Children's Hospital. Survival rate for this type of cancer is 90% which is good to hear. Those numbers give hope but don't make it any easier on the patient and family battling through tough treatments. My best to little Diamond for a full recovery.