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Tinsley Forced To Take Pacers Down The Stretch

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The Pacers called on Jamaal Tinsley to deliver the W last night and he just didn't have it. Several times this year he's carried the Pacers down the stretch to a win, so I'm reluctant to get too discouraged.

Still, my ideal Tins game has him more in the neighborhood of 15 FGAs as opposed to 20. His 21 FGAs last night marked the fifth time he's hoisted 20 or more shots in a game. The Pacers are now 3-2 in those games, which probably means may contradict my ideal vision. The fewest points he scored in those other four games was 24. Plus, he had it going. Last night, there's no indication that he ever had it going.

So, the Pacers are where they are right now because like it or not, Jamaal Tinsley is their go-to-guy down the stretch. Try as he might, Jermaine O'Neal has never been able to assume the GTG role. We'd all love to see Danny Granger scowl late in a close game and exclaim, "Give me the ball!" Instead we normally get a, "Well, I give it a try." Mike Dunleavy, much like Reggie Miller, has to work to be a GTG and needs help to get the ball where he can score. Unlike Reg, Dun is rarely seen running around off screens like his hair's on fire to free the enough space to squeeze off a big shot.

So, complain all you want about Tins down the stretch, but don't forget to give him credit for putting the game on his shoulders and accepting the blame when it goes wrong.