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Hawks 107, Pacers 95: No Answer for Hot Hawks

The Indiana Pacers began a critical stretch of their schedule Wednesday night with a disappointing 107-95 loss at the Atlanta Hawks. This loss began a stretch of six games prior to a killer West Coast roadie that will determine just what type of team the Pacers will be by season's end.

First of all, plenty of praise should go to the Hawks who are starting to reap the benefits of their roster full of young talent. They haven't always drafted the perfect player but they do have a stash of NBA talent and it is finally showing some results.

As for the Pacers, I was unable to watch this game but from all accounts I feel like I've seen this game several times over the past few years. Key lapses, missed bunnies, with no one to stop the bleeding all combine for a chalk mark in the L column.

Let's boil it down to a simple point in the game that should tell the story. Since the final score shows a 12-point win for the Hawks, I took a look at the 12-0 run the Hawks threw at the Pacers spanning the end of the third quarter thru the start of the fourth.

After Andre Owens' 3-ball tied the game at 70, the Pacers spoon fed the Hawks 12-0 run with several poor possessions. Check it out:

  • Poss. 1 -- Owens Driving Layup Shot: Missed
  • Poss. 2 -- Owens Turnover:Bad Pass (2 TO)
  • Poss. 3 -- Dunleavy Turnover:Bad Pass (3 TO)
  • Poss. 4 -- Diogu Turnover:Poss Lost Ball Turnover (1 TO)
  • Poss. 5 -- Granger Turnover:Poss Lost Ball Turnover (3 TO)
  • Poss. 6 -- Granger Jump Shot: Missed, Diogu Layup Shot: Missed, Granger Tip Shot: Missed
  • Poss. 7 -- Owens Layup Shot: Missed
  • Poss. 8 -- Dunleavy Jump Shot: Missed
  • Poss. 9 -- O'Neal Turnover:Bad Pass (3 TO)
  • Poss. 10 -- Tinsley 3pt Shot: Missed
  • Poss. 11 -- Tinsley Turnover:Bad Pass (3 TO)
So there you have it, eleven empty possessions comprised of seven missed shots, including four layups, and six turnovers. That my friends is some poor basketball and more than enough for a well-earned loss to a good NBA team.