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Stocking Stuffers

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Here's a few stocking stuffers to enjoy:

  • Here's a clip of the genius who found himself on the court during the Pacers-Wizards game.

    Nice skate save by Foster. The reaction by the players was varied and stirred some raw emotion. Just depends on where you were during the Palace Brawl. Danny Granger found the whole thing amusing.
    "That might have been the funniest thing in my life," Granger said. "I wanted to see how far he would be able to run around until somebody caught him. He was dodging them."
    Jermaine O'Neal found nothing humorous about the hardwood intruder.
    "I was like, 'Please, do not let this guy hit me.' I don't want to be in anymore situations with fans," O'Neal said. "I didn't want to have to protect myself by having to do something. It was a very strange situation for him to be out there and acting real strange. I wanted to keep my eye on him. Security did a good job getting him to the floor."
  • The Bulls fired Scott Skiles today. Bummer. I've been waiting for the Bulls to catch fire and work their way back into the mix. Every loss made the inevitable that much harder. Now, they might get a jump start with a new man in charge. Could it be the players and not the coach? Certainly a new coach can't make Kirk Hinrich start shooting straight again, can he?. Let's hope not.
  • The Cavs are apparently shopping Larry Hughes. Huh? I guess Hughes saved his best game of the year to absolutely destroy the Pacers. To find out that his shot has been horrible seems crazy since he was snapping nets from all over with a beautiful stroke when we last saw him.

    Oh, well, such is life in the NBA. Some nights Larry Hughes goes off and you have no chance. Other nights, Caron Butler comes up lame for an already Arenas-less Wizards team and you just say, thanks, and take the win.