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A Direct Request to Reb Porter

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While the Indiana Pacers are in Minnesota awaiting the Friday night tip of their game with the Timberwolves, local chatter concerning the Blue and Gold is centered around one topic: Quisy for threesy!

Pacer PA man, Reb Porter has caused quite a stir by beginning to exclaim, Quisy for threesy after Marquis Daniels splashes a 3-ball. He sells the call without shame and yes, it is dripping melted cheese, but the universal cringe and pleas to end the call must be dismissed.

Here's a quick summary of the reaction to Reb's Quisy call:

  • After the first call in the Chicago game, JMV on WNDE begged Reb to put an end to the cheesy call.
  • After Quisy made threesy threesies (sorry) last night against the Sixers, it became the talk of the town. As I mentioned, assistant Dan Burke was calling for a stop to the call in his post-game comments.
  • Bob Kravitz requested the Pacers "cease and desist" the call.
  • Mark Montieth referred to the call as a goofy rhyme and had a non-committal reaction from Jeff Foster.
  • Jamaal Tinsley loves it and offers his on version of the call.
  • Marquis himself doesn't seem too pumped about the call, except that suddenly he's making 3-balls at home. The guy's a career 25% shooter from behind the arc, then suddenly he drops 3 of 4 when the QZ43Z call is in play. Coincidence? I don't think so.
  • Even Reb Porter seems to be distancing himself from the call. Notice how Montieth mentioned that a team official told Porter to start using the call.
Well, I'm hear to encourage Reb to keep it going. In fact, take up Bruno's suggestion and add a few more signature calls for other players.

The reason the call was so annoying last night was because Porter used it so often. That's a good thing, people! Quisy making threes is worth any audible irritation you have to endure.

Instead of cynical, I'm too cool for the corny call reactions, let yourself go and enjoy the moment. When the ball is in the air there should be a buzz of anticipation for the call. Plus, it sure beats the "Home Run" call for most other threes.

I know those just starting to pay attention to the Pacers aren't used to incorporating fun into the activity. But, that's what this call represents. Goofy, silly fun at the Fieldhouse while the home team plays some good basketball.

Let's hope this is the start of a trend of fun-filled nights at the Fieldhouse that have people around town laughing and talking about the Pacers the next day with a smile on their face.