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IC Cold Links

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Here are some links to stories on the Pacers' win and other assorted items of interest:

  • Here's the story with postgame quotes. O'B sums up the game succinctly in a few sentences.
    "It was fantastic. We got into a little trouble, (but) Michael (Dunleavy) carried us. He was brilliant tonight. He has had a fantastic year for us. He is having a career year. We are putting the ball in his hands a lot. Jermaine (O'Neal) carried us in the first half and Michael (Dunleavy) carried us in the third quarter."
  • Mike Wells lauds the Pacers for finally not giving up a big lead en route to a win.
  • A few more nuggets of interest found in Pacers Notebook including the Pacers disregarding a guarantee from Eddy Curry.
  • The Knicks continue to dominate the back page headlines. Zeke also noticed his team had no intentions of fighting their way back into the game last night.
  • Police think they found the truck involved in the Tinsley shooting. Now they're looking for the owner.
  • With Tins back home, the New York Times checked in with him.
  • Clips Nation is hosting the updated Blogger MVP and ROY rankings.