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Pacers Grind Out Impressive Win

After finally getting a look at the Pacers win over the Heat, I realized my initial thoughts on the game were off. I assumed the Pacers had control and simply hung on to win.

That may have been a true statement for the final eight minutes of the game, but to get to that point was a straight grind. After the Pacers wiped out an early 10 point lead by the Heat, the two teams traded blows all night in what was a very tight game.

Jermaine O'Neal took two of the Pacers' final blows (literally) before dishing it back by hitting two critical free throws. By the way, was the near decapitation of J.O. just life in Shaq's World or will that play be reviewed and Shaq assessed some type of punishment. Shaq appeared to have no concern for blocking the ball on that play.

O'B called J.O.'s free throws and subsequent drawn charge "heroic" which I found quite appropriate. After losing tight games in the past, I've often complained that the Pacers needed a hero down the stretch to step up and make plays. On Saturday night, J.O. did just that in what turned out to be an impressive road win that the Pacers desperately needed.