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Tinsley Buys Himself and Pacers a Present

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Jamaal Tinsley decided to hire a security guard to watch his back in public when he's on the road or at home. Better late than never, as he admits the Pacers have been hounding him to make this move for a couple of years.

I certainly think this is a smart move for Tins, especially after hearing of another NBA player, Sheldon Williams, getting car jacked at gunpoint on Saturday afternoon. The epidemic of NBA players being targeted is real.

Knowing the current environment, I hope the security guard isn't the only change Tins implements. He needs to consider where he's going and what his motives are for going out. If Tins can't give up his nightlife, hopefully his security guard will guide him in the right direction. Call ahead to desired clubs to assess the situation. If the environment is dicey, just keep moving on.

I know, it doesn't sound like much fun. But, neither did the events that unfolded last Sunday morning.