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IC Cold Blizzard Links

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Looking back at the Pacers loss to the Raptors last night, I still have a few questions as the snow piles up outside.

What happened to the Pacers' bench? The second unit scoring options didn't produce. Shawne Williams, Marquis Daniels and Kareem Rush were complicit in letting the big third quarter lead slip.

How does Jermaine O'Neal play 29 minutes and grab only one rebound?

How come the Pacers only had 10 free throws?

Does Jose Calderon play that well every night or just against the Pacers? The bubbly one kills the Blue and Gold both at home and on the road. After watching his 18 points, 16 asssists effort last night, I say bring him in for a max contract next year just so I don't have to watch him destroy the P's again.

Who is going to step up tonight in Miami to help earn a road W?

How many times this year will Jamaal Tinsley complete a play by dribbling through a defenders legs? Last night Tins used Kris Humphrey for his signature move. Another nice double-double for JT, finishing with 19 points and 10 assists.

Here's some links the may help answer some of your questions:

  • Bruno's game story which has additional links to notes and quotes from the game. We also learn that Ike Diogu is ready to start working himself into game shape.
  • Mike Wells makes sure blame for the loss is spread around the Pacers' locker room evenly.
  • Raptors HQ breaks the game down from a Raptors perspective.
  • The Toronto Globe and Mail has their take, too.