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More Info Drops on Tinsley Story

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According to this report a woman caught on video at a Marathon station has links to the shooters. Heck, maybe she's the shooter.

A silver Chrysler 300 followed Tinsley's Rolls to the gas station. Sounds like things may have escalated at the Marathon and Tins and crew knew they were being tracked when they left.

Indianapolis police say they want to identify a woman who is seen in the video getting out of the Chrysler and walking into a Marathon gas station store early Sunday morning. Her face passes close to the camera.

"We would like to talk to her and get information about the driver of the Chrysler 300 and listen to their side of the story," said Detective Steve Walters of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

The gas station camera shows Tinsley's car parked at a pump and the other car stopped diagonally behind it at another pump at 3:21 a.m. Tinsley can be seen in the background, getting out of his Rolls and glancing at the Chrysler.

Police showed only a few seconds of the video to reporters Thursday afternoon. Officers say the two groups appeared to be arguing after they pulled into the station.

A section of video not shown to media depicts people gesturing with their arms, Walters said.

We also learn the James Tinsley was not firing shots around Monument Circle. As the video showed, there was no other traffic going around Monument Circle at the time. He probably returned fire when the shooters-at-large opened fire on the Rolls.

The intrigue continues, but one fact remains the same -- how no one left in a body bag is borderline miraculous.