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Vecsey Takes Us Through Tinsley's Night Out

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Here's a couple of good perspectives on the Tinsley situation and the Pacers subsequent reaction. First, Bob Kravitz takes a measured assessment of the situation. He joins me in disclaiming his opinion should new information emerge, which is the only way to go with these evolving stories.

Peter Vecsey paints a vivid picture of how the night went down for Jamaal. I keep forgetting who is the dummy and who is the ventriloquist in the Donnie Walsh/Peter Vecsey relationship but suffice it to say, this is probably the story that the Pacers based their decisions on.

Sunday it was Pacer point guard Jamaal Tinsley's turn to be targeted. After attending the R Kelly concert, Jamaal, three brothers and friends, including the team's equipment manager, went back to his Indianapolis condo to watch the Floyd Mayweather fight. At 1 a.m. they went to Cloud 9, an upscale club.

Informed a fight had occurred there earlier, Tinsley's group decided to leave almost immediately. Three males hovered near Jamaal's recognizable Rolls-Royce. They insisted on partying with him; wherever Tinsley was headed, they demanded to accompany him. Ticked at being told he was going home, they issued this menacing message: "We're going to party with you whether you like it or not."

Words you don't hear in the bible were then exchanged right about the time a truck packing backup muscle and an assault weapon arrived. The 100 mph chase was on. Tinsley's three-car caravan of chrome could not shake the posse.

Rather than keep trying to get home, Tinsley's group headed to the Conrad Hotel, the city's priciest, most lit-up lodge, where there figured to be security on tap. At once the parking lot turned into a firing range, shots sprayed everywhere.
Man, I love Vecsey. I'm still waiting to hear from Joey Qatato who probably has no interest in sharing his side of the story. Does he always hang with Tins and friends or was he playing Winston Wolf for his old friend, Larry Joe Legend. One reason I'm inclined to believe the initial story is because Qatato is involved. I can't imagine him relaying anything but the straight truth to the Pacers front office. He's been through all the drama with the Pacers and knows there is no sense in covering up any details because they always emerge in the long run.