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Tinsley Incident Brings Strong Reaction From Pacers

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Here's the latest Indy Star story on the shooting involving Jamaal Tinsley. The Pacers are doing a good job of publicly addressing their disdain for dealing with this issue. The problem is, there isn't anything to punish Tins over with this incident. But, being this is the third club related problem he's been involved with, they have to implore him to do something different.

O'B and Larry Joe Legend cut to the chase. O'B:

O'Brien characterized Tinsley as a "victim (who) wasn't out there causing problems," but said Tinsley should not have been in that situation at 3 a.m.

"But that's a decision that was made, and it was the wrong decision to make," O'Brien said. "I would think as we all suspect, nothing good happens after 1 o'clock if you're around alcohol or around an environment where there could be weapons."
But he (Bird) said Tinsley will be "punished" if it turns out he's at fault. O'Brien said there's no curfew for players and the team has no intention of enforcing one.

"With Jamaal, it's just 'Why are you out at 3:30 in a place like that?' I don't really have a problem with guys being out till 3:30, but you've got to know your surroundings," Bird said. "Obviously, it's time for these guys to take a look at everything that's happened throughout our league, throughout professional sports, and step back and take a hard look at it and make smarter decisions."
Bruno has a story up at with plenty of quotes and full audio links of reaction from LJL, O'B, and Jermaine O'Neal. J.O. lays out the players perspective.
"As players we understand the situation and we understand the backlash that comes," O'Neal said. "As players we have to understand when we step out our house we are targets. We make a lot of money, we drive nice cars, people idolize us, but people also envy us. We have to make sure that we put ourselves in better situations. Not to say Jamaal wasn't in a good situation, but we have to know what the situation is every time we leave our house.

"It's very unfortunate, especially considering the type of year he's having. He's our early-season MVP. We need him to play very, very well. We're going to support him. I know this city has been down this road with us before. Let the judicial process play itself out and continue to support us. This team is hitting its stride where we're really starting to get healthy. We don't want to be distracted. We know it's a little bit of a distraction, but we're going to play basketball and let Jamaal handle his situation and move on."
Thinking about the tragic events that have happened around pro sports recently, everyone involved should count their blessings this Monday morning.