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More Details Emerge From Tinsley Incident

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Mark Montieth and Mike Wells are working overtime updating the Tinsley shooting story.

Here's the latest

This story includes quotes from Alonzo Mourning, Elton Brand, Troy Murphy and Jeff Foster. They all understand how trouble can find pro athletes.

We also learn a bit more about what was going on at Cloud 9.

The incident involving Tinsley began in the Cloud 9 parking lot, 5150 W. 38th St., after the club cleared patrons because some women were fighting. Cloud 9 was the site of an after-concert party for R&B vocalist Keyshia Cole, who was a supporting act at an R. Kelly show Saturday night at Conseco Fieldhouse.
That paints a little different picture, doesn't it? A Keyshia Cole after-party adds a little more juice to the club. Tinsley wasn't the only "celebrity" hanging at Cloud 9. Trouble starts up inside and Tinsley leaves. More trouble comes his way outside, again, he leaves. The rest we know. This thing just does not add up to equal Club Rio or 8 Seconds Saloon, no matter how much people try to throw the three incidents in the same bucket.