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Waiting on the Pacers at Cavaliers

Oh, yeah, the Pacers actually have to play a game tomorrow night. The team will happily hit the road to take on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Pacers are sitting at .500 and the remaining December schedule is quite favorable. It looked a lot better about a week to ten days ago, so this week will require some solid play to remain at .500 or better.

Cleveland has lost six straight, but it appears LeBron James and Anderson Varejao will return to action against the Pacers. Plus, Larry Hughes returned on Sunday, so the Cavs are at full strength for the first time in quite awhile.

The remaining games this week are dicey as well, with Chicago and Miami showing signs of making some noise in the East. Toronto is Toronto and they always give the Pacers fits.

But really, the Pacers control their own destiny. Their margin for error is slim on most nights as it is. If they push the ball and hit shots, they can play with any team in the league. If not, the Philly and Minny games coming up will be a struggle (see Seattle).

Plus, there's the Tinsley drama that could remain a distraction. How the team responds tomorrow night will go a long way toward determining the impact. Tinsley will be assigned the blame for a loss regardless of how he plays on the court. Should be interesting...