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Tinsley Apologizes, Won't Be Punished

Jamaal Tinsley publicly apologized and the Pacers announced no punishment for Tins at this time. Sounds like Jim O'Brien had a direct talk with JT this morning.

Tinsley was excused from Sunday's practice and met with O'Brien before Monday's workout. The coach apparently had strong words for his point guard.

"I've got to give him the utmost respect," said Tinsley. "He came at me as a man ... he really got upset at me."

O'Brien said he emphasized the fact that recent incidents, including the killing of Washington Redskins defensive back Sean Taylor, illustrate a trend that professional athletes have become targets. In light of that, players like Tinsley must accept the need for "a paradigm shift" in terms of personal behavior.

"If Jamaal or anybody else that is a high-profile athlete in this country thinks it hasn't changed," O'Brien said, "then they're naïve and they need to get a grip on reality."
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The PR nightmare locally is unreal. Maybe the fan base isn't as apathetic as it seems. Either that or they just enjoy the sport of crushing Tinsley.