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Supersonics 95, Pacers 93: Missed Opportunities

The Indiana Pacers took a step back Friday night by dumping a winnable game to the Seattle Supesonics, 95-93. The missed opportunities were numerous, here's a quick inventory:

-- The Pacers missed a lot of shots, 59 to be exact, as they only made 36% of their FGAs.

-- The Pacers missed 3-balls in bunches, 6 for 25 from distance.

-- The Pacers missed bunnies around the hoop all night. Jeff Foster only missed one of the at least ten blown scoring opportunities right at the rim. The clankage was truly a team effort.

-- The Pacers missed Marquis Daniels. Quis rested his knee tonight.

-- The Pacers missed a chance to quiet critics that point to Jermaine O'Neal mucking up the Pacers' offense. J.O. was back with a double-double, but there's no denying the offense sputtered. There's also no denying that J.O. wasn't 100%. Apparently he hurt his shoulder which had him out of the game down the stretch. A quick look at the +/- is revealing. J.O. played at -9 while David Harrison was +10.

-- The Pacers missed Jamaal Tinsley's aggressive offensive game. He's not 100% and did no harm while running the team. But he didn't look to score until the very end of the game. I kept waiting for him to take Delonte West into the post for some abuse, but it never happened.

-- The Pacers missed a chance to make up ground in the Central Divison. The Cavs and Bucks also lost Friday night.

-- The Pacers missed trying to defend Kevin Durant. The kid was on fire, finishing with 35 points and pulling jumpers right in the face of defenders. What a beautiful sight. When the ball leaves Durant's hands it seems to have wings that allow it to flutter down through the net for a soft landing.

-- The Pacers missed a chance to move their record above .500. Back to the grind for a Sunday game at the Los Angeles Clippers.