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Open Game Thread #5: Pacers at Bobcats

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The Pacers are about ready to tip off with the Bobcats in Charlotte tonight. Marquis Daniels will not play tonight due to his pesky left knee.

Surely, this injury flare up has nothing to do with the limited minutes Quis played against the Clippers. We don't need any malcontents complaining about individual issues. Time for Shawne Williams and Kareem Rush to step up.

Suddenly, I'm having a Pavlovian response to the loss coupled with the Quis and Ike injuries. This past week feels like a microcosm of last year when things started spiraling out of control.

O'B is in charge and things are different this year, right? I guess I need more proof that the fabulous changes I've witnessed so far will really take hold. A bounce-back win on the road tonight would help.

Hey, we fans have to get used to the new system, just like the players. This past week made me realize it might take a little time to recover from the painful flashbacks of the past.

Leave your thoughts before, during and after the game in the comments.