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After sleeping on the loss, there's really nothing to fret over. The Pacers missed lots of open looks they've been knocking down and they were torched on the boards. I think this team will always struggle a bit on defense so that was nothing new. But, they have to knock down shots and win the hustle stats to overcome the defensive issues.

Here are some story links from the game:

Here's my post-game brain dump.

Here's Bruno's recap of the game.

Game report from Mike Wells. Great quote from Sam Cassell on his big game.

"(Former Pacer great) Reggie Miller wishes he had the game I have at this age," Cassell said, joking. "No, that's one of the guys I followed. I just watched him. He didn't take anything for granted on this court because he knew it could be his last game. . . . I'm just playing the game."
Pacers Notebook informs us that Ike is out a month and Troy Murphy and Jermaine O'Neal are on "minute counts" as they work back in shape. J.O. seemed to have more bounce in his step in the first half.

Bob Kravitz comments on all of the empty green seats at the Fieldhouse last night. Last night's attendance was 10,122, but it didn't look like it on TV.

Post game notes and quotes