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Waiting on the Pacers at Bobcats

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As time continues to pass after the final buzzer last night, the pain of loss number 1 has dulled. A lot of elements of the loss brought back nightmares from last March. Can't make a big shot. Can't scrounge up a loose ball or key rebound. Offense slows to a grind as the shooters release with hopes of a make, instead of confidence.

Fortunately, this is not March '07 and the team is directed with a new mindset focused on grinding through challenges. Plus, it is easy to over analyze a loss. Let's not forget, the Pacers did hang a 58 point first half on the scoreboard. Not bad for not firing on all cylinders.

Time to move on to Charlotte, for an expected road win. According to Bruno's preview Ike Diogu remains the only player on the shelf. The Bobcats have lost Sean May and Adam Morrison for an extended period of time.

The Bobcats started the season with two wins, beating the Bucks and Heat. They appeared quite potent with Gerald Wallace, Jason Richards, and Raymond Felton lighting it up from all over. Then they were blown out by the Suns and completely shut down by the Sixers. The Bobcats were Felton-free against the Sixers. Since he feeds the Bobcats their go-go juice, Felton's absence against the Sixers was critical. Felton was resting a knee injury but hopes to play against the Pacers. Obviously, the Pacers hope he sits it out.

Jamaal Tinsley needs to shake off his lackluster performance against the Clippers, to get the Pacers back on track. Felton would be a challenge, but Tins seems to thrive against the youngster who want a piece of him.

Keep the pace fast, play aggressive, shoot with confidence, and make plays -- a simple formula for a Pacer road W.