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Legler Comments On Jermaine O'Neal's Unhappiness

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I was dumbfounded by what I heard on ESPN's NBA Coast-to-Coast show last night. They were discussing the remaining unbeaten teams. Rick Carlisle stepped up and said the Pacers would be the last team to lose and that they'd finish 4th in the East. Nice props from RC, but that wasn't what stunned me.

Tim Legler, who I enjoy listening to, mentioned the Pacers as the biggest surprise. Fine, but his reasoning was nuts. I'm paraphrasing what he said, but he mentioned the Pacers would have trouble continuing to win with Jermaine O'Neal being so unhappy. Huh? He then went on to say, you can see it in J.O.'s face when he's on the court, he's just going through the motions. Again, Legler mentioned that the Pacers will have trouble as long as J.O. is so unhappy. Legler obviously hasn't been watching closely. Did you see J.O. after he fouled out in the Miami win? He was the biggest cheerleader on the bench, pumping everybody up. He also, nearly had a triple-double in that game in limited minutes. Against Memphis, J.O. took four charges and had a +/- of +20. He's not putting up big numbers, but he is playing limited mintues as he works back into shape.

I'm a fan of Legler's since his days with the "You the man, you the man" Bullets, but these comments seem way off base. Maybe he knows something I don't, but J.O. seems to be in good spirits to me. What do you think?