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Open Game Thread #17: Pacers at Supersonics

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The Pacers are looking for a win tonight in Seattle so they can breathe the fresh air above .500. Should be a fun one to watch unless an epidemic case of the clanks breaks out. The Supes don't get much done on the defensive end but they rank 4th in pace, one slot behind the Pacers. Tighten up the laces and get ready to run, run, run. From a radio report earlier today, it sounds like Jermaine O'Neal will not play tonight as was expected. On the way home, Chris Denari didn't rule out J.O. playing tonight.

Check out Bruno's Scouting Report for more on J.O. and the Supes. Let's face it, this is a game the Pacers should win. This is also the type of game that has produced a kick in the (gut) loss in the recent past. Excuse me while I remain guardedly optomistic about the Pacers' chances tonight.

A few more IC cold links to check out before the late tip:

Check out Steve Weinman's Ode to Obie over at Taking it to the Rack. The general message is that there's something to O'B's coaching style that can't be quantified but produces remarkable results regardless of the state of the team he's coaching.

Mike Wells checks in with Jermaine O'Neal to get his thoughts on the perceived demise of his career. J.O. ain't haven't it and affirms his belief he will return to All-Star form. Of course, a wise man once told me that when Jermaine O'Neal speaks, it's like the wind blowing. The words go flying by without much meaning.

Straight Bangin' looks toward to future for Jermaine O'Neal and doesn't see a fairy tale ending.

Projected Starters
Troy Murphy F Chris Wilcox
Danny Granger F Damien Wilkins
Jeff Foster C Kurt Thomas
Mike Dunleavy G Kevin Durant
Jamaal Tinsley G Delonte West

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the game in the comments.