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Game Reaction Links

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Plenty of love for the Pacers this morning, after the gutsy win over the Heat last night. Here are some links to what they're saying.

  • Start off with Bruno's Inside the Game. Souns like Troy Murphy is making progress in his effort to join the fun. Kareem Rush on his huge 3's:
    "The gun is always loaded. If I'm open, I'm going to take the shot. I knew we needed threes when I came in, so I came in firing. That's what they've got me here for and that's what I hope that I can do. I know I can help this team in given situations and time will tell."
    Umm, Kareem, I know the Pacers haven't had any run-ins with the law for a couple of months, but let's stay away from the loaded gun references. Sorry, had to hit that softball.

  • Mike Wells offers some praise for Larry Joe Legend's subtle offseason moves that look pretty good right now. Here are a couple of great quotes first from Jim O'Brien, and then Jermaine O'Neal.
    "People who don't believe this group is never going to give up should have been here," Pacers coach Jim O'Brien said. "The harder you work, the more difficult it is to surrender. . . . Larry did a great job getting us some quality depth."
    "To us, it's not only about winning basketball games, but also building Pacers basketball back to where it needs to be," O'Neal said. "We're going to take one game at a time and try to win as many games as possible and making it as exciting as possible."
    One game at at time? Check. Win as many games as possible? Check. Make it as exciting as possible? Check. J.O., isn't this much more fun than riding Kobe's coattails?

  • Don't forget Pacers Notebook which delves into O'B's philosophy on dealing with missed shots.

  • Here's the game story from the Miami Herald with plenty of consternation over a 0-2 start. Dwyane Wade appears close to returning, though, so help is on the way. Whew, glad we got 'em early.