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Waiting on the Pacers at Supersonics

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Here are some links and thoughts to ponder while waiting for the game in Seattle:

  • Pacers Notebook discusses Mike Dunleavy's productive stats which seem to be directly tied to Pacer wins.
    When I get in the flow offensively, it's pretty clear we're a good team," Dunleavy said. "When I don't, we struggle. Why that happens, I don't know. My approach is the same every night. I think it's pretty clear we're a good team when I can get my hands on the ball."
    Let me finish that thought for you, Dun, "So, Jamaal keep the shot attempts around 15 and feed me some more."

  • Don't get me wrong, Tinsley has been playing fabulous and really taken his offensive game to another level. He's abusing his covers in the post. I'd just like to see him be a little more judicious with his shot selection. He's shooting 26% from 3-land and only seems to make them when the game is at a critical juncture. I'd love to see his 3-ball attempts drop a bit. Sure, he has good open looks, but I think that's by design of the opponent's defense. If the shots aren't dropping, how about looking for a better shot elsewhere.

  • Michael Lee has a nice look at Mike Dunleavy in this Washington Post blog post. Dun works so well in this system because he moves without the ball and creates opportunities for himself. I think Dunleavy's success this year has surprised a lot of people who had previously written him off. In fact, his success mirrors that of the Pacers as a whole. Many are suprised by the team's success and are just waiting for it to all fall apart. With O'B running the show, they'll be waiting for a while.

  • Mike Wells touched based with Greg Oden while he was in Portland. Seems like the same kid we knew at Lawrence North.
    "The city is nice," he said. "The only thing is, they don't have any Wal-Marts near my house. I go to Best Buy or Target, but those places are pretty expensive."
    Umm, Greg...nevermind, hang onto that spirit.

  • Check out the Portland side of the story here and here. The Blazers aren't feeling too good about dumping that game to the Pacers and rightfully so. They hit a few key shots and the outcome could've easily been different.

  • Go check out the past couple game review posts at Basketbawful. As pro-JO-trader, stephanie points out, the Pacer-friendly Basketbawful doesn't want Jermaine O'Neal messing with what's working when he returns to action.