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Mavericks Protest Loss To Pacers

In my post-game brain dump for the Mavericks game I mentioned a strange play in the first half.

In the first half, things were going so well for the Pacers that Troy Murphy was credited with a 3-ball even though he was a good foot inside the 3-point line. Reb Porter gave the "Home Run!" call and the Mavs called a timeout. I ran it back to make sure I saw what I thought I saw and figured the points would be adjusted after the timeout. But, no, the points stuck and there was no mention of it on the broadcast.
Apparently, the Mavericks did notice the mistake during the game and didn't get a favorable reaction from the referees, including their ol' pal Bennett Salvatore. Mark Cuban never shies away from a chance to stick it to the refs, so he filed an official protest with the league.
"[The] official scorer said he notified the crew, and no action was taken," Cuban said. "We are protesting that a correctible error was not corrected."
Sounds like a reasonable protest to me since well, he's right. Since the won't take the W away from the Pacers, Cuban can make as much noise about this as he wants.