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What Should Pacers Do With Jermaine O'Neal?

Everybody loves Jermaine O'Neal, but suddenly it seems like everybody also want to see him prosper in another uniform. Between comments and a bunch of emails, the message is clear -- look at the numbers, J.O. has to go.

First of all, I appreciate all of the emails, but feel free to share with the class and throw your opinions in a comments post.

Okay, here's the numbers that several people have noted and can't get past. The Pacers are 3-0 without J.O and 3-7 when he plays. But, when J.O. play more than 26 minutes, the Pacers are 0-7. Yes, the sample size is small but it is obvious that in O'B's system Jermaine isn't making an impact worthy of a max contract, so trade him for some solid pieces and draft picks.

One problem, my friends -- just who are the Pacers going to deal with and what would they bring back in return. Adam from Naptown's Finest takes a crack at answering this with some trade machine accepted deals. I'm not going to repeat them here, you can check them out for yourself. I will say that I'd take any of those deals, but I can't see the other teams pulling the trigger. Face it, J.O.'s value is pretty low right now. He hasn't been able to keep himself healthy. He has about $20 mil per year for two years after this season. Unless a team has some assurances that he will be healthy and able to immediately help them make a championship run, there's no way they'll make a deal. The Pacers and J.O. can offer no such assurances right now.

So, until J.O. is healthy and his play proves he can still impact the game, I wouldn't expect a deal to happen. Of course, if J.O. does get healthy and begins making a positive impact on the Pacers, everyone will want to keep him.