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Open Game Thread #14: Pacers vs. Cavaliers

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The Cleveland Cavaliers visit the Fieldhouse this afternoon having won two games in a row, just like the Pacers. Obviously, LeBron James makes the Cavs go which was verified by the 82 points he combined to score in both wins. So, it's the Pacers' team ball against LeBron. King James will get his, but I like the Pacers' chances.

Mike Wells discusses Danny Granger's solid play which I mentioned in my last game report. Nice to see Jermaine O'Neal and Larry Joe Legend are driving Danny to remain consistent and find ways to improve. LJL wants Danny to lose the tunnel vision when he's dribbling the ball, but that will require an improved handle. As long as his game keeps progressing from this point forward, we'll all be happy.

Here is Bruno's Scouting Report focusing on the Pacers' chance to get back to .500 against a Central Division rival. J.O. is listed as day-to-day and on Friday O'B thought J.O. would play. Mike Wells reports that J.O. will not play today. Hopefully he'll shut it down until he's really ready to go. I don't think he's helping himself or the team by playing at 80% or less.

Projected Starters

Troy Murphy F Dwight Gooden
Danny Granger F LeBron James
Jeff Foster C Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Mike Dunleavy G Sasha Pavlovic
Jamaal Tinsley G Daniel Gibson

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the game in the comments.