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IC Cold Thanksgiving Links

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Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Jermaine O'Neal is out indefinitely with the swollen knee. An MRI is scheduled for Friday which I would say is less than encouraging. They're still looking for answers.
  • Mike Wells' game report from New Orleans.
  • game report with links to notes and quotes. Here's Jamaal Tinsley on his play.
    "I'm just going out and playing basketball," Tinsley said. "Jim O'Brien has given me a lot of freedom and I'm just trying to be creative and get guys open shots. I'm getting in the lane and guys are knocking down their shots. It's just good team basketball."
  • New Orleans perspective on the game.
  • My post-game brain dump.
  • Hornets247 is one of my favorite blogs.
  • Send Ronnie Artest your positive vibes. I always get nervous when I hear he left his team. I know, it sounds familiar. But, so far this appears to be a family health issue. He left the team to come back to Zionsville and help out.
  • Donnie Walsh firmly denied he considering joining the New York Knicks to clean up Isiah Thomas' mess.