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Open Game Thread #9: Pacers at Raptors

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The Indiana Pacers are in Toronto tonight to take on the Raptors. The Pacers shooting struggles have hampered them at home and on the road, it sounds like the Raptors have a case of the clanks at home. Somthing's gotta give. Hopefully it will be the net at the Pacers end of the court.

Here's Bruno's preview with some interesting comments on O'B's efforts to get his guys to run.

According to Mike Wells, Marquis Daniels will rest tonight and probably play tomorrow night against the Utah Jazz. Quis must be going crazy, itching to get on the court. Troy Murphy will be available tonight after missing Wednesday's game against the Wizards. It is getting like a shell game with these guys.

Projected Starters

Jermaine O'Neal F Chris Bosh
Mike Dunleavy F Jamario Moon
Troy Murphy C Rasho Nesterovic
Danny Granger G Anthony Parker
Jamaal Tinsley G T.J. Ford

A family commitment will delay my viewing of the game and brain dump recap. Feel free to help me out and leave your thoughts on the game in the comments.