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Here are some links of interest:

  • Check out the Division Reports. I'll be handling the Central Division reports this year.
  • Mike Wells wonders what happened to the uptempo style of play for the Pacers. No kidding. When you can't throw it in the ocean, seems like pushing the ball up court to try and get a layup or easy buck might help. O'B makes the point that it is hard to fast break when you take the ball out of the net. The players seem at a loss, though, which is not good. How are you going to react to adversity? What are YOU going to do to improve the situation?
  • Pacers Notebook delves further into the shooting woes. Plus, O'B clarifies that Jermaine O'Neal, not Danny Granger, remains the top scoring option. Could've fooled me. O'B shows no sign of panic with the poor shooting.
    "Right now Jermaine's numbers, Jamaal's numbers aren't where they're going to be in midseason," O'Brien said. "We're running a style that everybody in a Pacers uniform is behind. They're pushing through it. It's not going to work overnight. But when it happens, you are going to see these numbers turn around."
  • Here's the recap with links to post-game quotes.
  • Here's the Washington Post recap of the game.
  • I'm late on this, but here's the latest Pacers Insider vidcast