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Open Game Thread #8: Pacers vs. Wizards

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With back-to-back games, I'm combining the Wizards game thread with the post-mortem links from the Celtics game.

The Pacers need to stop the free fall tonight against the Wiz. The teams went to OT on opening night so we know this won't be easy. Actually, looking at the remaining 74 games, none of them look easy. The Wizards are struggling worse than the Pacers at 1-5 so you know they'll be scrapping for the W.

IC Cold Links

  • Both Bruno's preview of the Wizards game and Pacers Notebook discuss the issues with monitoring the availability of Marquis Daniels. The knee is obviously an issue, but after sitting out last night's game Quis will try to give it a go for the Wizards game.
  • Here's my brain dump after the Celtics game last night.
  • Jim from Green Bandwagon lays out an excellent recap of the game last night. I'd like to think that if the Pacers were undefeated I would bring as much energy to a game recap.
  • My man Adam at Naptown's Finest makes the case for bringing Stephon Marbury to Indy. Yes, the thought crossed my mind. In fact I was trying to make it work for both J.O. and Tinsley. But the idea soon made my soul feel empty, like the leafless trees found around town right now. Would sucking all of the hoop spirit out of the Fieldhouse by bringing in Marbury allow for the Pacers to emerge a couple years later in full bloom? 50/50 at best. Maybe the pain would be worth it, but the thought remains unpleasant.
  • I thought we were over the Palace Brawl. But, alas, the fall out keeps coming. This time, a lawsuit from an incompetent security guard. This story is lacking some key information. I understand going after Jermaine O'Neal and David Harrison in a money grab. I'm sure the actual chair thrower doesn't have much cash to spare. But, why not sue the Palace for inadequate training and resources that put you in the position to get swept up in the brawl.
    I mean, come on Detroit, leave the Pacers alone. The team has fallen out of the playoffs, they're hamstrung with no cap space to improve the talent, and the fan base is apathetic to put it nicely. The Pacers haven't stopped paying for the Brawl since the day it happened.
Please leave your thoughts on these items and the game in the comments.