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Troy Murphy: Licensed Spray Tanner?

At half time of Pacer television broadcasts, a get to know your Pacers interview runs with Stacy Paetz asking questions that reveal information about a player's interests off the court.

Troy Murphy was the subject of Saturday night's interview and I'm still trying to figure out if it was legit.

First, we learn that Murph really enjoys stand up comedy and the guts it takes to step on stage and deliver a routine. Even says he wouldn't mind developing a routine and giving it a shot once his playing days are through.

Then Stacy mentions a rumor she heard, my comments are in parentheses.

Stacy: Are you licensed in spray tanning? (Excuse me? Back it up..oh, no.)
Murphy: Actually, I am. I have a set up in my house, so anyone that is interested, you know, I'm ready for you. (Wait, you're serious? There's no way to rescue this conversation now, Murph. Where's your agent?)
Stacy: You mean only women who want to... (Stacy is trying her best to save you, Murph. Too late.)
Murph: Yeah, I think so, but my client list is not great now, so we take what we can get. (OK, I'll put on my jock and be over shortly)
Murph: I went on the Internet this summer and I was messing around, (with spray tanning certification sites, riiighht) and I would go tanning a lot (obviously). I decided I wanted to try it myself. I took a six week course which I finished in two days, I didn't do any of the lessons (overachiever or slacker, you decide). And they sold me the stuff and I started my business. (Hmmm, kind of like law school. I wonder what it would take for this company to refuse to sell their stuff.)
Stacy: So are you going to make someone look like tiger striped (Is this spray tanning lingo? Stacey is always prepared) or are you pretty good?
Murph: No, I'm pretty good.
Stacy: You're pretty good?
Murph: Oh, yeah, at first I was, yeah, it was difficult. I was wearing a lot of pants this summer (okay, I've had enough, shouldn't you have been working on defense and rebounding). Yeah, so, I'm getting a lot better.
So Murphy uncorks this story after telling us he wants to dabble in stand up? I figured this had to be a set up. After watching it again, though, I don't know.

From the interaction between Stacy and Murph I'd say the spray tan story is legit. Plus, Stacy Paetz is as wholesome as warm apple pie with a dollop of ice cream. No way she would take part in a bit without letting the viewers in on it at the end.

Still, Troy Murphy and tanning seems like a strange fit. I decided to look for a picture of Murph where he looked a hue darker than pasty white. I'm still looking.

What do you think?

Looks like Troy missed a few spots when applying his spray tan.
2007 NBAE (Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images)