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Cool. The sun came up this morning. Yes, losing  three tough games in a row hurts, but the Pacers are 3-3. They could just as easily by 6-0 or 0-6. So, 3-3 is probably about right. Looking ahead to a busy week with four games in five days, wins will be hard to come by.

Boston comes to town on Tuesday and they will present obvious match up problems. Roadies against the Wizardsd and Raptors will require solid play in order to sniff a W. Back home on Saturday night, the Utah Jazz are in town. The Jazz have destroyed the Pacers in the recent past, so a win would be surprising.

Reality stinks, but we'll get an early indication of just how tough this team has become under Jim O'Brien. The Pacers haven't handled adversity well so we'll get a chance to see if anything has changed.
Here are some links of interest:

  • Mark Montieth handles to Star's game story. Yep, adversity has hit and some aren't dealing well.
    After digesting the video of Friday's collapse in Charlotte, O'Brien blistered his players after they reported to the Fieldhouse on Saturday. Their first-half performance gave the impression they had absorbed it in positive fashion. Their second-half breakdown and collective postgame demeanor gave the impression of a team with a lot on its mind.

    Some players made ultra-quick exits. A couple were sitting in front of their lockers, still in uniform, when reporters left the room. Team captain Jermaine O'Neal refused to talk with the media.

    A team in transition?

    Or a team with issues?
    Can't run and hide when things go sour. This is a team in transition with plenty of issues. Just admit it and keep working toward the right answer.

  • Here's Bruno's recap of the game. At least Danny Granger stuck around to give his thoughts on the team.
    "In the second half, we made bad decisions and took bad shots," said Danny Granger, who scored13 points but was 6-of-18 from the field, missing all six of his 3-point attempts. "We have to figure out a way to close out a game. We knew they were going to come at us because they have Iverson and Carmelo. We know that we can compete with any team but we've got to learn to do it for 48 minutes on both ends of the floor."
  • Here's the Denver perspective on the game. Sounds like George Karl lit a fire at half time and the team leaders took it from there.
    "During the season," Iverson said, "the one thing you want to find out is the type of character you have on your team. ... When you believe in the players, believe in the coaching staff, believe in yourself, you just don't want to settle."