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Open Game Thread #6: Pacers vs. Nuggets

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The Pacers have to put last night's disatrous fourth quarter behind them and get ready for a high-octane matchup tonight against the Denver Nuggets. Whenever Allen Iverson comes to the Fieldhouse there's plenty of juice in the game. When A.I. is running with Carmelo Anthony, the combo is always combustible. The Pacers will have to start hitting some shots if they hope to keep pace.

Here's some links looking back at the fourth quarter collapse in Charlotte.

  • The game recap from notices Ike Diogu may be the missing ingredient in the Pacers' two losses. Yes, the P's do miss Ike's second unit scoring support, but there's more than enough talent on the roster to cover for Ike.

  • the game report from Mike Wells focuses on the foul fourth quarter. This sums it up nicely.
    The Pacers resorted to quick shots and players stood around on the perimeter watching.
    "We have a really bad tendency to get stagnant at times," Pacers guard Mike Dunleavy said. "If we want to be a team that's energetic and score a lot of points, we can't do that. I don't know if it's because guys don't understand how to move the ball and play off each other or what. I don't know what the answer is, but the ball gets really stagnant on offense. It doesn't move and we don't get good shots."
    The Pacers had more turnovers (four) than field goals (one) for nearly the first nine minutes of the fourth quarter. They ended the quarter shooting 31 percent and turning the ball over six times.
    The Bobcats, meanwhile, made a living off of the Pacers' inability to rotate defensively.
  • Post-game quotes
The back-to-back games offers a quick shot at redemption. With a tough week ahead, a win tonight would be huge. Leave your thoughts on the game in the comments.