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Reaction to Pacers' Win All Good

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Here are some links with info about the opening W. As kester99 pointed out, the Central Division standings looks beautiful this morning.

  • Check out the game story from Mike Wells. I completely agree with this Granger quote.
    "This is a game we probably wouldn't have won last season," Granger said. "We just kept coming at them and you could tell they were wearing down."
  • Bob Kravitz used the word inspring in his column on the Pacers. Now that's some serious progress.
  • Pacers Notebook has some nice info including the irony of David Harrison's contract extension deadline expring a couple hours after his best game as a pro. Plus, Jermaine O'Neal is itching to go on Friday against the Miami Heat.
  • Bruno's recap of the game and links to player and coach quotes. My favorite quote, from David Harrisson.
    (What did Coach O'Brien say to the team after the game?) "Great game guys. See you tomorrow afternoon. "
  • Can't get enough of the game recap or box score. As DoctorDribbles mentioned, Gilbert Arenas liked what he saw from the Pacers.
    Gilbert Arenas, who led Washington with 34 points, said the Pacers have changed dramatically.

    "All you need to do is just let them go,'' he said. "They don't look like robots this year. They look like a totally different team.''