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Clarification on Race and Basketball in Indiana

First of all, let me clarify the final paragraph in my last post. I wrote:

To answer Henry's question, yes I want to root for black players, just as I have for as many years as I can remember. Just don't call yourself an NBA insider and insult me by making an assumption from on far that I don't appraise a player's performance by anything other that what they leave on the court. The whole argument is shallow and an embarrassment for those who advance it.
I can see how someone may think I'm referring to Henry as the NBA insider and I'm just lambasting him. Not the case. The NBA insiders in question were annonymous sources from Henry's post who felt the Pacers were bringing in players based on their skin pigment.

I just wanted to make the case that the issues with the Pacers are far too complex to stop at race when looking for answers. I know Henry agrees with that sentiment, in fact, I'll let him have the last say from this thorough and thoughtful post on the subject. Great stuff!