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O'B's Player Expectations Not Up For Discussion

This Pacers Notebook item has more music for the skeptic Indiana Pacers fan's ears, with Jim O'Brien laying out his no non-sense approach to dealing with knucklehead moves by players.

O'Brien doesn't plan to put up with players showing up late for practice or arriving at Conseco Fieldhouse an hour before the start of a game -- issues in years past. O'Brien said players arriving late will be fined, and suspended if the situation happens too often.

"That's just my way. I'm not going to get distracted," O'Brien said. " . . . We understand as an organization the disappointment with things that have happened in the past. And when that ball starts dribbling at 10 o'clock, we're going to try to leave them in the past. The players in the NBA that play professional basketball are guys that will hear exactly what our expectations are. But we don't live with people 24 hours a day. . . . There has to be personal responsibility for everybody's conduct, including mine."
I know the season is long, but it's still a job with nice benefits. There are only 82 game days a year, so showing up on time and ready to go for your most critical work days isn't expecting too much. Keep pushing 'em, O'B!