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I'm Impressed That Mike Wells Is Impressed

I liked what I read in the latest Pacers Insider post from Mike Wells. O'B is pushing the players and the players are embracing the method to his madnes.

"It's like when you were younger and you thought your dad was yelling at you, but he really wasn't," Jermaine O'Neal said. "He's stern about things and we respect that. It's a good thing."
I like reading that quote from the team leader. Of course, I have this nagging, negative twinge in the back of my mind, that if a few losses pile up the whole, "It's a good thing," attitude may turn to thoughts of, "Will he ever shut up?"  That is when you need team leaders to step up and start echoing the coaches words in a different manner. J.O. can be that guy. Can you imagine if Tinsley stepped up and started demanding effort from his teammates? Really, it doesn't matter who, as long as a couple of guys step up.

There is a huge positive I see in this post, though. Mike Wells is nobody's homer. He's not a local and has always been brutally objective in reporting and analysis of the Pacers. So, his glowing reports from practice mean a lot.