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What a Difference a Year Makes

Tonight marks the one year anniversary of this blog. Well, not THIS blog but the old blog that spawned the upgrade.

See, with no idea what I was doing, I set up the original blog on Thursday, October 5th, of last year, after the third day of training camp. It took far too long and I didn't actually make my first post until the next day. Little did I know, while I was fiddling with Blogger, Stephen Jackson and friends were just settling in for a night at Club Rio. When the news hit the next day, I suddenly had plenty to blog about, including my first main post. Obviously, the ramifications of the incident escalated much further than the initial reports indicated. So, I kept writing about it and I've been trying to catch up, ever since.

Maybe that's why I'll always have a soft spot for Jack. For me, he is the gift that keeps on giving. I say keeps because this date almost slipped by me until I was about to link to an item about Jack being named co-captain for the Golden State Warriors. This is an incredible turnaround for Jack considering where he stood in the public eye just one, short year ago. It's nice to see Jack take advantage of the fresh start and become a leader on the court, instead of just off.

It's also nice to see the Pacers appear focused on training camp and working hard under new coach, Jim O'Brien. There were plenty of empty seats last year, and getting caught up in a strip club fight with bullets flying, after the third day of camp, when everyone in town knows the team has serious work to do, turns off a good portion of the fan base, to say the least. An 'I can't take this anymore, let me know when you're serious about winning, again,' sentiment spread quickly and revealed itself in the form of empty green seats at the Fieldhouse. The Pacers are much easier to sell if the public sees a team working hard, making the most of what they have, and not embarrassing themselves or the franchise. The current team is developing story lines that don't repulse, but instead are worthy of rooting for. Hopefully, everyone will get to bed early tonight.

Let's face it, Jack and the Pacers had to part ways and it has worked out well. The parting has allowed both parties an opportunity to grow, kind of like pruning a rose bush. Let's hope both flourish for many years to come, avoiding the thorns along the way.