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Indiana Pacers News and Notes

Here are some links of interest for Pacer fans:

  • Bruno's training camp report mentions a few players nursing minor injuries. Nothing serious, more like guys trying not to over do it at the beginning of camp. Remember, the season is a marathon.
  • Pacers Notebook reveals O'B's initial plans for a starting lineup. His initial plan was to start Tinsley, Dunleavy, Granger, Murphy, and J.O. and all have proven they belong in practice so far. Also, see that Stephen Graham hit a 3-ball in scrimmage. I heard Chris Denari mention that Graham was a better 3-baller than anticipated. Nice to hear, although I still don't expect a lot of minutes out of him.
  • Darrell Armstrong landed nicely on his feet after the Pacers waived him earlier this week. With the New Jersey Nets' Marcus Williams on the shelf, D.A. will slide it to back up Jason Kidd and get $1.2 million for his troubles. Congrats and good luck, D.A.!