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Marquis Daniels: He's Ready, But Is His Knee?

When I saw the headline for this Mike Wells article on Marquis Daniels, I had high hopes of a positive report about Quis and his knee, which kept him out of the final 25 games last year. Well, no such luck. Quis is practicing and is excited for the season, the new system, all that stuff. But...

Daniels' practice time is being limited as a precaution. He said he hopes he'll be 100 percent by the season opener Oct. 31.

"This is still part of my rehab process," Daniels said. "It takes a little time, but it's getting there. My opposite knee is giving me a little problem because I'm compensating, but other than that, I'm doing great."
Other than that? Neither knee is running at 100 percent? THAT seems like a problem to me. Sorry if I'm overreacting a little to those comments, but hey, I followed every Indiana Pacers game last year, so I'm entitled. I guess I'll take solace in knowing that Quis is practicing, so if there were larger concerns he wouldn't be pracicing at all right now. Here's to seeing Quis and his freaky game running around on opening night.