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Open Game Thread #1: Pacers vs. Wizards

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The Pacers officially begin a new era tonight at the Fieldhouse when they tip off the 2007-08 NBA season against the Washington Wizards. Jim O'Brien has charted a course and implemented a new system that's left us all with plenty of questions. Does the team have enough shooters to make O'B's system go? Can average defensive individuals work together to produce a better than average defense? How will J.O.'s game work within O'B's offensive system? Will Jamaal Tinsley flourish or flame out under O'B's guidance? Will Danny Granger continue just showing flashes of greatness or become a consistent, big time NBA contributor? Can Shawne Williams and Kareem Rush do more than shoot the rock to earn playing time? Is Travis Diener and NBA caliber point guard? Will David Harrison stay healthy and if so, show us any reason why his contract should be extended? How will the team react if they lose a few games in a row? Do the Pacers have a legitmate shot at making the playoffs in the East?

Tonight, we start getting some answers.

Quick notes:

-- Trick or treating will have me watching the game a little behind schedule tonight, but please add any observations from the game in the comments.

-- Cornrows, Jr. proudly stood out as the only Jermaine O'Neal at school today amongst a crowd of Peyton Mannings and Marvin Harrisons.

-- The Indy Star had several nice articles on the Pacers today. I was beginning to wonder if they were going to give the start of the season any special treatment or just stick with Colts vs. Patriots coverage. Plenty of good stuff today, though. My favorite was Mark Montieth's interview of Larry Joe Legend. Mark asked several tough questions and LJL actually gave some pretty thorough answers. Check it out.