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Darrell Armstrong Still Bitter Over Release

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When the Pacers released Darrell Armstrong it appeared to be an amicable parting of the ways. Since D.A. wasn't in the Pacers plans they tried to trade him, couldn't and ended up releasing him prior to the start of camp. According to his agent in this report, seemed like business as usual.

Only the first year of his three-year contract was guaranteed, however, and the Pacers were unable to work a trade, his agent said.

"Everybody was on the same page. He had permission not to show up (for training camp)," agent Glenn Schwartzman said.

Schwartzman said several teams were interested in Armstrong, although he would not identify them, and that he was confident the 6-foot-1 guard would land on another NBA team.
Well, with the joy of a new season ready to begin, D.A. couldn't contain his bitterness and ripped Larry Joe Legend over his release. He claims the Pacers were trying to sabotage his career by not trading him or releasing him earlier.
"They lied to my agent," Armstrong said. "And, yes, I am a little bitter about it."

Armstrong said his ire is directed towards Pacers team president Larry Bird.

"Don't make a statement that you'll do, `Whatever Darrell wants to do,' and then don't do it," Armstrong said. "I just wanted to know where I stood and they weren't honest about it."
I can understand why D.A. was upset, but sabotaging his career? Hard to back up, espcially since D.A. landed a pretty sweet gig with the Nets, a team that should contend for the Eastern Conference title.

I have no intention of ripping D.A. here. He was awesome last year and we loved him because he always left it all on the court and wore his emotions on his sleeve. Nothing new here.