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O'B Happy With Pacers So Far

What in the world is going on down at the Fieldhouse. According to Mark Montieth, O'B was so impressed with the Indiana Pacers through their first three practices that he let them rest and not come back for the evening practice on Wednesday.

"I love how far they are after three practices," he (O;B) said. "Our whole staff has been impressed with what they've been able to get done after a few days."

Veteran assistant Dick Harter, smiling widely, also voiced his approval coming off the court.

"He said to me before practice, 'If they can get through this practice at a high level, we might have something,' " O'Brien said. "And they got through it at a high level. We went very, very hard. It would have been counterproductive to bring them back tonight."
Let's face it, O'B and Harter aren't prone to hyperbole. They must be happy with the team's work there's plenty to do and they wouldn't want to waste the opportunity. Also, there's no need to blow smoke up the collective arse of the fan base at this time. In fact, that would be downright cruel. I'm trying not to get too excited, but it is getting tough.