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Jamaal Tinsley: The O'B Years

Here are some links to local stories about the Pacers today:

  • Here is the full story from Mike Wells on the Tinsley transformation. Sounds like he was on board with O'B from day one.
  • Kravitz chimes in with a renewed effort to give the Pacers a chance...again. He's even giving Larry Joe Legend a chance, for now.
  • Here's a Pacer Notebook with items on O'B's father-in-law, Jack Ramsey. Also, plenty of quotes where the players are talking up O'B and unintentionally throwing Carlisle under the bus for the past couple of years. Also, mentions that 10 Pacer games will not be televised locally. I'm smelling a few Boyle/Slick game threads.
  • Everyone's happy with the fresh start.
  • WTHR Pacers preview video