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O'B Coaching 'Em Up For All To See

O'B has opened up practice to the media so we can get some nice reporting on what is going on during camp. Mike Wells observed day one of practice and came away quite impressed.  Wells is even predicting big things from Jamaal Tinsley.

Speaking of Tinsley, he's a player that has brought a different attitude to training camp.

He was diving on the ground for loose balls, joking around with teammates and walking over and chatting it up with team officials after practice.

Some of you will give me a hard time for saying this, but I think you're going to see a different Tinsley this season. I'm sure ya'll let me know about it if I'm wrong about Tinsley.
That's what I like to hear. Of course, I couldn't let this pic go by without poking a little fun.

You mean you want me to run the court, AGAIN!
(AP Photo/Tom Strattman)