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Tinsley Done With Excuses

Bob Kravitz takes a closer look at Jamaal Tinsley and his slow transformation into a mature leader for the Pacers. Tins has a fascinating story and he's endured plenty of complications to get where he is today.

Sounds like he's finally realized he not only controls the ball for the Pacers but what he himself has to offer the team.

"It's on me now," Tinsley said the other day. "The ball's in my hands. There's no more excuses. This is a great system for me. It's a guard-oriented system, and the sky's the limit. He's putting me into a great situation, knowing my creative skills making plays, getting people open.

"On any given night, if I want to, I can score 20 points, but sometimes we don't need that. Four points and 10 assists, if that's what they need, I'm fine as long as we're winning. It's up to me now, as long as I'm healthy."
I really love seeing these types of comments from Jamaal. This isn't intended to take away from the positive vibe or rip Tins, but it has ALWAYS been about him. Doesn't matter who your coach is or what type of teammates you have playing around you, the individual player is still responsible for giving everything they have to develop their game and make their team better. I've been Tinsley's biggest supporter when he's healthy and into it, but the past couple of years have been hard to watch because it seems like his game has plateaued or even regressed a bit. Sometimes that needs to happen before additional progress can be made. Hopefully, with all of the changes including his personal attitude, Tins will raise his level of play and the Pacers number of Ws along with it.