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O'Brien Happy With Pacers Effort So Far, But...

Heading into the final preseason game at Memphis tonight, Jim O'Brien discussed the team's growth throughout October. For preseason assessments, you have to look past the 5-2 record.

"Whether you're 6-2 or 5-3 or in Miami's case 0-7, I don't think the record matters as much as the growth," O'Brien said. "I think we grew in the preseason. We have strung together some really strong quarters and halves. We never gave up on a game. We're just competing to the very end. The work ethic we have shown in practice has really transferred into the games."
But, as with any discussion of the Pacers these days, there's always some ifs and buts to deal with. If key players can stay healthy. If young players have a break out year. In this case, everything is great but there are a few "technical" areas that need to improve.
"I think we had a great October and we still need to have a couple of days of good October," O'Brien said. "There's nothing that's an intangible that I'm displeased with. Technically there are things. We are fouling too much, we are turning the ball over too much, we're not running consistently hard."
Fouling, turnovers, and not running? Ummm, these have been issues for a few years now. So, it begs one more questions. Will the current roster ever be able to run O'B's system the way he wants it?