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Preseason Open Thread #8: Pacers at Grizzlies

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The Pacers finish up their preseason schedule tonight in Memphis where they'll take on a Grizzlies. Don't expect to see Troy Murphy or Jermaine O'Neal in this one. David Harrison and Kareem Rush are expected to give it a go. Shawne Williams was expected to miss tonight's game as well, but the lack of roster options will press him into action tonight.

Mike Dunleavy has shown some nice consistency during the preseason, which we all hope carries over to the games that count. Bruno looks at Dunleavy's smooth transition to O'B's expectations and style of play. Naturally, he's enjoying the experience so far.

"I think it's fun to play in," Dunleavy said. "You really get an opportunity to get out in the open court and make plays, and in the halfcourt to move around and cut. If you're a guy that knows how to play the game, has some skill, can shoot the ball, it's a good system to play in. I'm just trying to knock down open shots and always keep moving."
O'B continues to like what Dun offers and reveals some interesting numbers on his preseason production.
"Let's put it this way: he played in a game that we won by 11 and we keep a plus-minus on every player and he had a plus-34," O'Brien said. "I don't think any of us have ever seen a plus-34 in an 11-point ballgame. That speaks to how valuable he is to every element of what we do. He leads our team in the preseason by a large margin in plus-minus.

"That's exactly who I thought Mike Dunleavy was - exactly who I thought he was."
Let's hope all of this preseason promise translates to regular season results.

If you're looking for more info on the Grizz, 3 Shades of Blue is an awesome Grizzlies blog. Check it out, you'll find plenty of goodies to chew on.

If you have any comments on the game tonight, leave them here.